According to the latest data calculation model results, we have adjusted the seedsale ratio from 1ETH=150VC to 1ETH=100VC. Next, we will continue to reduce the ratio, and eventually will reach 1ETH=50VC, and this price will also be our opening price on uniswap.

We have confirmed that VisionCoin will be listed at uniswap on January 25, 2021

⚠️Transfer your ETH (0.1–5ETH) into Project Owner Address (the only address):

you will receieve VC in your payment address immediatly!

Congratulations! VisionCoin’s contract has passed the code audit.Thanks for the hard work of csulting staff

report link:

Visioncoin and airdropalert officially started their cooperation on January 5, 2020. Everyone can participate in our activities through the link

Meanwhile, visioncoin is working with more organizations and looking forward to it

Visioncoin’s airdrop and seed sale are on fire. We will distrubite our airdrop on 1/21 2021. If you don’t want to wait or want to get more VC, you can also participate in the seed sale. The sale ratio is 1:150, there is no minimum quantity, and the maximum quantity is 10eth. After the airdrop, we will list in uniswap, please look forward to it!

VisionCoin’s airdrop and seedsaleofficially opened today, and the activity will be officially closed at 11662658 in Ethereum block. We will release 10000 VC airdrop quota and 25000 VC seedsalequota. If the quota is used up, the activity will be terminated in advance. If the high quota is still not used up to 11662658, all the remaining quota will be destroyed. All the seedsaleeth will be transferred to the next stage of the game — BID&RICH, as the prize of the initial round of the game.

VisionCoin is an experimental project in the field of defi and games. Combine the two theories. The blockchain world is experiencing a huge revolution recently, and we believe that the development of the def market will have a substantial growth. The project aims to change the traditional game and payment methods and expand the application field of digital currency. In addition, extending the application scenarios of etherum is one of our core tasks. We will find a new way to promote the development of the entire defi industry by adding auction and portfolio system into the market. On the other hand, the rapid development of the field of defi will enhance the value of game products and guide the market into a virtuous circle


VisionCoin official

VisionCoin is an Innovative project in the field of defi and game. Combine the two theories. DON’T SELL VC,DON’T SELL DREAM

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